I'm Taylor Davidson, an entrepreneur, photographer, and writer.

I run Foresight, helping entrepreneurs use financial models for business decisions. I've written hundreds of articles about technology, advertising, digital media, photography, venture capital, fundraising, and more, and been quoted or featured in Fast Company, Wired, Fortune, MIT Technology Review, AdAge, Digiday, Nieman Lab, The Next Web, Forbes, Crain's, and more.

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@tdavidson on Instagram
Latest photos on Instagram. For more photography, see my portfolio of adventure, events, and social impact work here.

What data is good for
Is big data a big asset or a big liability? That's up to us. Let's consider how we are using data to make better products and ads while dealing with security, privacy, and tracking.

The key to winning Instagram
"You have to be interested to take interesting pictures."

Beyond Better Images
I'm excited about technologies that help us create better photos, not just better images.

Artificial Intelligence in Fintech
The financial services industry has seen the buzz over artifical intelligence before, but will the result be different this time?

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